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History of Cevianori

Cevianori was born from “the Japanese paper of Kyoto” that has a history of eight hundred years.
Keiji Umehara , the master of Cevianori developed this fabric in 1976. He was born on November 25, 1914 in Honmachi, Ayabe city. He started to work at Gunze Seishi company (the silk industry) and there he learned how to raise silkworms, silk reeling and fiber. After his retirement , he kept researching ideal methods for using natural fiber for the purpose of further developing it as a local industry. One day he saw the old archives at Ankokuji (temple) which has a connection to the famous historical person Ashikaga Takauji. He found that the archives were made by Japanese paper and they had been kept a long time in good condition.
He got the idea from this point, and he focused on the paper of Kyoto which has maintained a tradition eight hundred years long. He used Japanese paper as the fiber and he constructed a studio “Cevian” in 1976, and developed new “Cevianori” which has adopted the old traditional technique of paper cloth.


Characteristic of Cevianori

Cevianori is a textile woven with Japanese paper which is superior in durability. One of its best characteristics is its durability.

Japanese paper is woven by a special technique which makes the fabric strong even when it gets wet, breathes well, and is resistant to water, insects, mold, bacteria and odor.
The fabric can keep the same good condition after fifty years.


The technic of the traditional arts

It is possible to represent the delicate color and the beauty of Japanese textiles by the original fabrication technique of Cevianori.
This textile is made by the excellent craftsmanship of an artisan and is interwoven with Japanese paper and threaded carefully. It expresses the original color and a pattern by the contrast of the Japanese paper and the thread.   


“Cevianori” fabrics are highly esteemed in many places and have received several prizes in Japan as well as abroad.

Prize by the Governor of Kyoto at the National symposium of Japanese Paper

Prize by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce at the 33rd Exposition of Japan Handcrafts

Runner-up prize at the 34th Exposition of Japan Handicrafts
Selected for the 19th Contest of Industry and Technology of Kyoto

Runner-up prize at the 20th Contest of the Industry and Technology of Kyoto
An exposition of Japanese papers from whole country at Tokyo Nihonbashi Maruzen.

Selected at an exposition of Japanese art craft
Entered in Tokyo Wagami do  An exhibition of Keiji Umehara at Sapporo , Hokkaido
Entered in Senjikai at public welfare hall at Fukuchiyama

Selected for the21st Contest of Technology of Kyoto

And also, we produced some of the costumes of “Mannojyo Nomura” who is a living national treasure, and offered many products as private items of some celebrities.