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Hand weaving is a traditional art of Kyoto. There, skilled craftsmen weave fabric with an image of a river in mind.


Japanese paper making technique of Kyoto is handed down in the countryside of Kyoto as a longestablished tradition. Cevianori represents “the stream of river” with material, and Cevianori is associated with nature of Kyoto, river, water and leaves.



Yuji Asada

He was born in March 15, 1976 in Ayabe city, Kyoto. He grew up with the studio of Cevianori from his childhood and graduated from a technical school of clothing. Afterwards he studied under his grandfather, the founder of Cevianori, and succeeded him in 2000.

He has established his company , Cemia Rich Material Inc. in 2015.

Cemia-rich Material:   C`est bien = wonderful, in French, plus rich gives a wonderfully rich material, now débuted to the world.

  淺田 佑治

Company Profile

Cemia-Rich Material Corp
#39 Itachibori Building 1-5-2 Itachibori Nshiku Osaka Japan 550-0012
T: +81 -6-6537-7400 F: +81 -6-6537-7489
Kyoto Prefecture Ayabe Teramachi workshop